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When Do I Need to Worry About a Will?

Having a Will in place prior to your passing can save your loved ones money, months in court, headaches, confusion, and unnecessary stress. So, what is involved in drafting a Will, and when is a

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What is Probate?

Whether a loved one dies with a Will leaving money or property to beneficiaries, or if they die without a Will (“intestate”), an Estate must be opened to transfer their money and property to their

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Is a Will Public Information?

If you are beginning the process of planning your Will, you may be curious who will be able to access it. Wills often contain sensitive or delicate information, so you may be concerned that your

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3 Steps to Successful Estate Planning

We have so much to worry about on a daily basis that often we are simply too busy to think beyond our own lifespan. However, if you don’t make proper estate planning arrangements now, you

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Is it Time to Amend Your Will?

A Will is formally known as The Last Will and Testament. The word “last” is used on purpose, because in our lifetime we may have many different (often contradicting) plans on what to do with

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