Estate Planning

Tomorrow isn’t promised, so plan for your family’s future today.

It can be scary to think about what happens after death, but much of it is out of your hands. Focusing on the things you can control and plan for is vital to ensuring your loved ones are taken care of after your passing. The estate planning process is often overwhelming, which is why DK Rus Law is dedicated to finding ways to make the process simpler and more comfortable for clients in Baltimore County, Howard County, and Carroll County, Maryland. 

Estate Planning Helps Secure the Future

Estate Planning is the process of making effective arrangements that carry out your instructions in the event of death or disability. A proper estate plan considers both your financial matters and your wishes regarding healthcare.

In the event of your death, your estate plan will assure that:

  • Your assets are distributed and used in accordance with your wishes,

  • Your minor children or disabled loved ones are taken care of,

  • You and your family can take advantage of the most favorable tax treatment available.

In addition, a properly designed estate plan will let you keep control of your assets and decisions about medical care in the event you become incapacitated.

Guidance in All Aspects of Estate Planning

DK Rus is here to help guide you through the process of protecting your assets and planning for the future care, security, and support of your loved ones with the following estate planning services:

Trusts – When you need a third party to manage and distribute your assets to your children, we can help you establish a Trust that does so according to your wishes when you pass away. 

Wills – Ensure your family gets the support and security they deserve when you are no longer there to provide for them by creating a Will that documents your wishes regarding your assets. 

Advance Directive/Living Wills – Having a plan in place that establishes the actions to be taken in the event that you are no longer capable of making healthcare decisions for yourself will provide the peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out in the best interests of you and your family.

Power of Attorney – In order for you to allow an individual to perform legal acts on your behalf, a legal document must be drafted that not only names this agent, but also details the matters in which you’ll allow them to handle, which can include healthcare decisions, financial matters, or care for children.

Estate Tax Planning – When you work with a Maryland estate planning attorney, you can effectively plan for estate taxes and even reduce the possibility of your estate being subject to state and federal estate and inheritance taxes.

Estate Administration – When your loved one passes away without having established a will, DK Rus law can provide administration services regarding the gathering of their assets, settling debts, and distributing remaining assets.

Non-US Citizens – If you or your spouse is a non-US citizen, working with an estate planning attorney can help you understand the legal and tax implications of your situation.

Probate ServicesWith the right planning techniques implemented by a seasoned estate planning lawyer, you can reduce and avoid probate costs, as well as protect your estate from creditors.

Get peace of mind for the future so you can better enjoy the present.

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