Choosing the Right Personal Representative For Your Will

How do you know that your legacy will be upheld after you’re no longer there to attend to it? It can be hard to know. All we can ever do is place our trust in the measures we leave behind. One of the most important measures we can take to ensure the safety of our legacies is to create a will and appoint a personal representative to carry it out. The question is: How do you choose the right person?

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Choose Someone You Can Count On



Appointing a personal representative may feel very emotional. After all, you’re trusting this person with your future when you can no longer act on your own behalf. It’s a big decision that carries a lot of responsibility and though it may be tempting to give that responsibility to the person you hold dearest, it’s best to choose someone who is reliable above all else. That person may be one in the same, but if they aren’t then choose the person you can count on.


Choose Someone Who is Up to the Task


Your personal representative should be someone who can carry out your will when you pass on. Choosing a young, healthy person is often a good choice. Though a spouse may feel more private, they may not be up to the task when all is said and done. They may be facing untold grief or illness of their own. The process of dealing with probate court can be a burden, so make sure the person you choose is ready to shoulder it.

Choose Someone Who Has Their Finances in Order



In many cases, bonding is required by probate court to ensure that the personal representative does not cheat beneficiaries out of their inheritance. To be bonded, one must be in good financial standing, as is often the case with many types of insurance and credit. If the person you choose for your personal representative does not have a good financial history, they may not be able to carry out the will as you intended. Someone else will need to be chosen.

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