3 Reasons to Draft a Will This Year

Drafting a will is crucial to planning for your future, and it can be a rather involved process. Let’s learn more about wills and why they are important to address sooner rather than later.

3 Reasons to Draft a Will This Year

Reason #1: Because death can be unexpected.

The topic of death is a sensitive one to many people, and some of us try to avoid the subject altogether. But making plans for your family members and assets before you pass away allows your wishes to be established after you are gone. Accidents or medical emergencies can occur at any time without notice. Drafting your will early in adulthood ensures that in the event of an unexpected death, your family will be taken care of in the ways you wish.

Reason #2: Wills make the distribution of assets a smoother process.

Whether you have few or many assets, the distribution of them is a process that will be completed after your death. If you have not set plans for how you’d like this to be carried out, your family members can get tied up in disputes with each other or legal parties if they have differing ideas of how your assets should be distributed. Your will provides specific instructions on how this process will be completed.

Reason #3: It allows you time to make future edits if plans change.

Drafting a will sooner rather than later enables you to establish the basics of what you would like to be done when you pass away, and allows you the opportunity to change the plans as the years go by. Perhaps a family member or spouse who you included in your original will is now estranged or has passed away themselves—having your will already in place allows you to make updates and changes when they are needed.

Where can I get help drafting my will?

Composing a will is easier today than ever before. Hiring a professional to assist you with your will and other estate planning needs will ensure that your understanding of the process from beginning to end, and give you peace of mind that your plan for the future is securely in place. DK Rus Law is a Westminster, Maryland business and estate planning lawyer specializing in will services.

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