General Business Law

Once your business is formed, there will be many situations you’ll encounter that require legal documentation. A Maryland business lawyer can ensure you understand the agreements you enter into with other parties, have proper documentation and policies in place for your business operations, 

DK Rus Law is here to assist you whenever you need legal advice and services for your business and can help with sales agreements, benefit programs, client agreements, privacy policies, intellectual property protection, defamation, business dissolution, corporate governance, and more.

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Guidance in Your Business' Legal Matters

Over the course of running your own business, the need for legal assistance can, and will, pop-up. For this reason, we suggest you seek out and find a general business lawyer in Maryland whom you feel comfortable with and that you trust before you ever need their help. That way, when the time comes when you need legal advice or representation, you’re not scrambling for a phone number. 

Protection of Your Business Assets

No matter what type of business you own, there will be specific information you’ll need to protect in some form. Protecting these assets often requires the establishment of legal documents outlining and confirming your policies and rights as a business. Having proper documentation in place can help you avoid stolen information and lawsuits. A few options for protecting your business assets include:

  • Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights – Your intellectual property, including your brand name, logo, and business name, should always be protected by a copyright. Other intangible assets to register can include creations, software, and business processes.
  • Privacy Policies – When your business acquires personal information from clients or customers, a privacy policy should be drafted to outline your business’s policy for protecting this personally identifiable data. This legal documentation is required for businesses that acquire, store, or utilize healthcare data, but can also be required when a business acquires personal information such as an email address or phone number from a customer.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements – If you enter into an agreement with another party, you’ll want to ensure your trade secrets and business ideas are protected. A non-disclosure agreement will effectively allow you to expand your business without worrying about having important business data stolen.

Get Help when Buying a Business or Franchise

Purchasing a business or franchise can be a better option for some than opening a business themselves. Buying a business or franchise is a document-intensive process, so getting legal advice on which business assets to purchase and having a business attorney draft these legally-binding documents will give you peace of mind that you’re making the right decisions.

If you are considering buying a business, you don’t want to discover an unexpected surprise after you become the new owner. I work with buyers and sellers to structure business acquisitions with full disclosure of all relevant business factors. With a proper due diligence review, buyers and sellers can feel confident in a smooth transition of ownership. When purchasing a franchise, it’s essential to have a seasoned Maryland business lawyer on your side. Franchise agreements are often written to favor the franchisor, so a business attorney can be there to assist you with negotiations and prevent you from making costly mistakes.

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