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3 Reasons to Draft a Will This Year

Drafting a will is crucial to planning for your future, and it can be a rather involved process. Let’s learn more about wills and why they are important to address sooner rather than later. Reason

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When Do I Need to Worry About a Will?

Having a Will in place prior to your passing can save your loved ones money, months in court, headaches, confusion, and unnecessary stress. So, what is involved in drafting a Will, and when is a

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FAQ on Estate Planning for Non-Citizens

Estate planning is complicated enough for an average U.S. Citizen, but when you add non-citizen relatives to the mix, it can get outright confusing. Maybe you are married to a non-citizen and want him or

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3 Steps to Successful Estate Planning

We have so much to worry about on a daily basis that often we are simply too busy to think beyond our own lifespan. However, if you don’t make proper estate planning arrangements now, you

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