Upcoming Presentations for Effective Business Planning

As an adjunct professor at Carroll Community College, Kathleen Rus Esquire is no stranger to teaching. As an accomplished attorney, she is also no stranger to providing effective strategies for navigating the legal aspects of business planning.

Kathleen Rus Esquire will be giving three presentations on “Exit Strategies for Your Business” at Carroll Community College at the following dates and times.

September 10th from 6pm-8pm

October 2nd from 8pm-9:30pm

November 12th from 6pm-7:30pm

What Happens To Your Company After You Leave?

Even if your exit is a long way off, it’s wise to have an exit strategy for your company. Kathleen Rus Esquire can help you think through the necessary steps that you’ll need to create a succession plan, handle your taxes, and more.

For the sake of your company’s future, creating a solid exit strategy is essential, and Attorney Kathleen Rus can show you how it’s done.

Attorney Kathleen Rus No Stranger to Teaching Business Courses at CCCC.

In previous semesters, she has taught “Avoiding Pitfall and Potholes: Legal & Insurance Issues”, “Legal & Insurance Issues for Start Ups”, and “Legal Issues for Artists”.

These classes were designed to help current and future entrepreneurs tackle and accommodate legal concerns they may have about their businesses. In the class for artists, she focused on the legal problems of being a professional in the Arts with topics like trademarks, copyrights, agreements, contracts, and more.