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Estate Planning Tips for Single People

When we talk about Maryland estate planning, the conversation often revolves around how you can protect your family after you pass away. But what if you don’t have a family? Everyone’s circumstances are different, and

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Estate Planning for Disability

As Maryland estate planning lawyers, we often find that when people talk about estate planning, they usually think of a Will and what happens to their property after they pass away. However, death is not

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Estate Planning Tips for Business Owners

As a savvy business owner, you probably understand the importance of estate planning and hopefully already have a Will or a Trust. But what about your business? What happens to it if you unexpectedly pass

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FAQ on Estate Planning for Non-Citizens

Estate planning is complicated enough for an average U.S. Citizen, but when you add non-citizen relatives to the mix, it can get outright confusing. Maybe you are married to a non-citizen and want him or

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What You Need to Know About Estate Taxes

It can be hard enough to plan your estate, but then you realize that you may also have to worry about estate taxes! There are federal estate taxes, Maryland estate taxes, Maryland inheritance taxes, and

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